Who We Are

Embrace Her is a youth-led organization committed to fostering the social and economic development of young people through progressive programs that generate solutions to societal challenges, and support young people to tap into their full potential and actively participate in economic development activities intended to improve their living standards. In actualizing this,  we embrace efforts directed towards sustained and strategic investment in young people. Young people in Zambia continue to face multiple challenges, some as faced by young people the world over, and some specific to the local context such as the high number of young people who are uneducated, economically inactive, or unemployed. Thus leading to a high number of new HIV infections among adolescent girls and young women, teenage pregnancy, sexual and gender-based violence which thrives on ignorance, in conditions of poverty. 

In our mission to deliver sustainable solutions to societal challenges, our focus is on young people and women. With 20.8% of the population between 15-and 24 years and 36.7 % between 15- and 35 years, Zambia currently has the largest population of young people in its history. Persons below 15 and 18 years constitute 45.5 % and 52.5 % of the total population respectively. This  demographic is critical to the attainment of the nation’s development objectives, including those  contained in its Vision 2030 


Additionally, a safe and successful passage from adolescence into adulthood is the right of every child. This right can only be fulfilled if families and societies make focused investments and provide opportunities to ensure that adolescents and youth progressively develop the knowledge, skills, and resilience needed for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life. Further,  human development, security and social justice can only be achieved if adolescents and youth  are included as full and active participants in their country’s development.

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