What We Do


—Financial Education

Financial literacy is a core life skill for participating in modern society. It provides the knowledge and skills we need to manage money effectively. Using our proven peer-to-peer teaching methods we deliver financial literacy sessions. The ultimate result is financially literate young people with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors required to act in their best interests and to select and use financial services that best meet their needs. Supporting young people and educating them about financial literacy is a sustainable way to ensure better living standards, especially in less affluent communities.


Skills Development

We facilitate soft skills transfer through practical and mentorship sessions. We young people with well-nurtured skills have the potential to have integrity, a sense of self, reduce unemployment,  and willingness to contribute to the community and national development. We believe young people are today’s leaders thus if they are left without the right skills, they will spend a lot of time dealing with rudimentary issues caused by the lack of knowledge or lack of skills, as opposed to progressing in their goals. 


— Business Management

Entrepreneurship is a promising venture particularly for young people. Embrace Her is dedicated to building the capability and resources of young people with a focus on business growth and expansion. Experience suggests; that it is one thing to start a business and another to know how to expand the business. Business expansion is extremely important for the owners financial well-being, business success, and sustainability. These days everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, so many people rush into the world of small business headfirst, without taking into consideration the many variables that can make them or break them. This is why you see a few people at the other end of the spectrum.

— Young Women Empowerment Revolving Fund​

Small business owners and new entrepreneurs lack access to finances and this typically prevents them from investing in innovative ideas, improving their productivity, financing their growth,  covering working capital requirements, and meeting market demand. This suggests; that money is a critical component in running any business and an extremely scarce resource. If business loans are accessible, more businesses get a chance to enter the market and already existing businesses stand a  chance to grow and expand. This project pillar is designed for small-scale businesses that can generate money on a daily basis. Daily income gives clients the ability to repay the loan, and save  money on a weekly basis without feeling bothered or thrown off balance.

—Advocacy (cross-cutting issues)

We address issues that directly affect young women’s participation in the economic sector at the micro-level by ensuring that girls and young women in society are safe, and able to have their views heard and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives,  and lastly experience equality. Advocacy in our project pillars is biased because in most Zambian communities women are responsible for preparing food for the family, they are the primary caretakers of children, the elderly, and the sick. Their income and labor are directed toward children’s education, health, and well-being.